From shared experience to new creativity. Living heritage/reframing memory, 2018–2020
opublikowano 24 lutego 2020

Using performance, the EMERGENCE explores the role of local and global memory in shaping formations of cultural understanding and interpreting heritage in different areas across Europe as a tool and means of connecting established professional designers with emerging performance creators to develop strong dramaturgical and interpretative skills in the next generation of creators.

The Polish presentation during the EMERGENCE Exhibition – Reclaimed Avant-garde: Utopias of Social Change – poses a question as a starting point to revise our understanding of the relations between arts and politics. Firstly, it brings attention to the historical role of activism within art during the interwar period; secondly, it aims to explore how the history of Central and Eastern European avant-garde places the art in the context of activism, utopian visions and social change.

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